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Living Way... Lebenswege... Holistic Biography Work
Newsletter January 2020

by Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

A note on personal change

In 2019, I married my friend and colleague Laura Summerfield, and we are now living, travelling and working together. This has created a lot of synergy.
We call our work Holistic Biography Work, and have created a new website to better describe our contribution and approach to Biography Work.


Together we created a book as an introductory text for those interested in Biography Work: The Biography Log-book. The first edition was published in June 2019, and has already sold out. We have now created an eBook, which is available for 8 Euros (or equivalent).
As well as the eBook, we have released the Septennial Charts and Life Panorama Chart as separate files. They are available as a package for 5 Euros, and may be printed up and used as needed for clients and students.
Orders for eBooks and Charts can be made via our order form.
Translations are being undertaken. The French edition will be released in March. The Mandarin edition will be released as a print edition in May. Translations are planned in Hungarian, Russian, German, Thai and Japanese.

Biography Log Book
An initiative in India

Graduates of the 3-year Biography Training in India, have formed an Association for Holistic Biography Work, to support Indian colleagues in Biography Consultancy.
Four of them – Rashmi, Sandhya, Janaki and Namrata – attended the World-wide Biography Conference in Hungary in 2019 and were also introduced to the guidelines of the International Forum of Trainers in Biography Work.

The Indian Association is organising a regional Gathering for Biography Workers in India in September/October 2020. The Gathering is followed by a biographical spiritual journey to Tiruvannamalai  and Ashram of Sri Ramana followed by a visit to Auroville  the place founded by Sri Aurobindo  and The Mother.
See the following link for more details about activities in India:

An introductory on-line Course

We have planned an On-line Course in Holistic Biography Work and are now taking expressions of interest for enrolments. Course covers 40 hours of individual study over 2-6 months, supported by on-line lectures, reading material and the Biography Log-book (eBook) as the main text.

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