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About us

We are a network of Trainers and Consultants in Biography Work, using the framework of Holistic Biography Work, in association with Karl-Heinz Finke.
We offer a 3-year training in Holistic Biography Work, with a multi-cultural sensitivity, making room for different philosophies and spiritual beliefs.

Living-way... bringing Spirit to Life...

About Holistic Biography Work

It provides a systematic and useful framework for understanding life stories and individual biographies.
It uses indications for human development and the development of consciousness from Rudolf Steiner, and other spiritual teachers and philosophies.
It builds on the research of – Bernard Lievegoed, Gudrun Burkhard, Aaron Antonovsky, Coenraad van Houten and Helmut ten Siethoff.
It is informed by the practice and theories of Humanistic Psychology, and the insights provided by various self-development approaches.
It uses a holistic approach, recognising the spiritual dimension of the human life journey.
Holistic Biography Work offers a Foundation Course as an introduction to charting an individual biography, and then 9 further modules to deepen understanding of human development and the challenges facing humanity.

Coenraad van Houten – Workshop October 1999 at Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Coenraad van Houten – Workshop October 1999 at Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin.

About our work

  • Consultations for individuals challenged by aspects of their life journey.
    We bring a spiritual whole of life perspective to the issues they are facing.
  • A comprehensive 3-year training in Holistic Biography Work.
    Currently 3-year trainings are ongoing in Germany, Australia, India, Thailand and Taiwan.
  • Support for graduates of the training who work as Consultants.
  • Support for graduates of the training who want to become trainers themselves, by mentoring them as Assistants within the courses.
  • Providing resources to facilitate Biography Work.
  • Encouraging the formation of local professional associations, for the local support of Consultants.
  • Support for an international collegial network. Biography Work is in a growth phase, especially in Asia, and there is a need for support in quality training, networking and ongoing professional development.
  • Providing professional development opportunities for Consultants and Trainers.

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Plans for 2020

  • Ongoing publication of the Biography Log-book in various languages. We are supporting translations of the Log-book, and local print runs in various localities. A French translation will be released in 2020 as an eBook. A Mandarin translation will be released as a print edition in 2020. A Russian translation has begun. There is interest in German, Hungarian and Thai translations.
  • The Charts within the Log-book (Septennial Charts and the Panorama Chart) have been released in English as a separate e-Version, to support Consultants and Trainers, and will be made available in other languages as e-Versions as soon as they are available.
  • Work-books related to the modules of the Holistic Biography Training will gradually be released as eBooks. In 2020, we will be working on: Understanding Self & Others (from the Typologies module); The Helping Conversation; and Destiny Learning.
  • Webinars are being developed as Master Classes for current Consultants and Trainers.
  • An introductory on-line course, Introduction to Holistic Biography Work, will become available in 2020. The Biography Log-book is the text for this course, and will be supported by articles, group tutorials and lectures. Individual tutors optional. Expressions of interest being received now.

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We long to discover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives, to find our unique way of belonging to this world, to recover the never-before seen treasure we were born to bring to our communities. To carry this treasure to others is half of our spiritual longing.
The other half is to experience our oneness with the universe, with all of creation.
Bill Plotkin, 'Soulcraft'