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MASTERCLASS – An Anthroposophical Perspective on Mental Health Issues
with Dr Martha Koelman
Was conducted online June – 22 to 25, 2023, and recorded.

This Masterclass deepens the introduction presented by Dr Koelman during the Online Biography Gathering on Sunday 18 June 2023.
The Learning Pack includes these Lectures with Visuals from the Biography Gathering 2023, as well as all the Lectures and Visuals from the Master Class that followed.
This Masterclass is beneficial for practitioners with a special interest in mental health challenges and crises, including: health & allied health practitioners, counsellors, teachers, life coaches, biography consultants.

Introducing Martha Koelman

The human being as a unity of body, soul and spirit is so intuitively perceptible and yet, as I was made to realize during my medical studies, initially at the Charité Berlin, so little has been incorporated into conventional medicine. Although Uexküll paved the way for the joint conception of both psyche and soma with the introduction of psychosomatic medicine, the two still fall completely apart in everyday medical practice. The body-soul “problem” still seems to me to be the central theme of medicine and especially of psychiatry. I found my deep conviction reflected and described in Steiner’s approaches in a way that seems to me unique in its diversity of perspectives and clarity. Anthroposophical medicine understands itself as a complementary medical direction, which on the one side uses the current scientific standard and at the same time draws on deep knowledge of the ancient Vedas, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Four Elements teachings. The third element, the spirit of the human being, is revealed in their biography! In my work as a psychiatrist, biographical exploration was part of the daily patient intake, which I always felt was a great gift. I soon realised that a person’s biography can be asked merely as a string of dead, past facts, or as a living, unfolding being, which then presents itself in a completely different way in its formation. Learning and deepening this way of asking questions differently, of listening and feeling and looking differently, led me to the decision to train in biography work. I now work as a biography consultant in my own practice at the Therapeutikum Cologne, in addition to teaching at the Alanus University in Alfter and the University of Witten/Herdecke.

International Online Holistic Biography Gathering – 2024 – EVENT

June – 21 to 23, 2024
In English, with possible translations – languages to be confirmed.

Main Theme
Health and Illness in Human Biographies
3 Lectures, with Q&A sessions, with Dr Michaela Gloeckler

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Biography Gathering 2023 was recorded and is available as a Learning Pack from our Web Shop.
It includes 3 Lectures from Dr Michaela Gloeckler, and 2 Lectures from Dr Martha Koelman.

Michaela Glöckler

Dr Michaela Glöckler was born in 1946 in Stuttgart/Germany. She attended a Waldorf School until graduation, followed by studies of German Literature and History in Freiburg and Heidelberg, and from 1972 till 1978, before studying Medicine in Tübingen and Marburg. She completed further training as a Paediatrician at the Community Hospital in Herdecke and the Bochum University Hospital. For the next 10 years, she was a Paediatrician at the Community Hospital in Herdecke and Medical Adviser at the Rudolf Steiner School in Witten/Ruhr. From 1988 until 2016, she was the Head of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum, School of Spiritual Science, Dornach, Switzerland. She remains active as an international lecturer and trainer for Anthroposophic Medicine, and is the Co-founder of the Alliance for Childhood and the European Alliance of Initiatives for applied Anthroposophy/ELIANT.


Martha Koelman

Born 1989 in Berlin, married, mother of two sons.
2009 – 2015 Medical studies at the Charité Berlin and Witten/Herdecke University with Integrated Complementary studies in Anthroposophic Medicine (IBAM)
Further training in external applications and rhythmic massage, osteopathy, acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
2015 – 2017 Advanced training in “Mental illnesses – treatment options in anthroposophic medicine” from the GAÄD.
2017 Recognition as an anthroposophic doctor (GAÄD)
2019 Further training in anthroposophy-based psychotherapy at the IAbP with Johannes Reiner and Markus Treichler
2016 – 2020 Medical practice in rheumatology and psychiatry


Guiding Groups – WORKSHOP
Holistic Adult Education
June – 8 to 11 – online sessions
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Guiding Groups is part of our 3-year mentoring program, and is based on Coenraad van Houten’s work on Adult Learning

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