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Association for Holistic Biography Work in India

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Association for Holistic Biography Work in India

Our Story

The Biography impulse was brought to India by Dr. Delna Tarapore, an Anthroposophic Homeopathic doctor, living and practicing Holistic Wellness in Bangalore, who invited Karl Heinz Finke to conduct workshops in India.
She single-handedly organized the first Biography training in India, which Karl-Heinz and Mara Evans conducted.
As the members grew and the second batch came in, the need for a more formal structure was felt for taking the Biography Work forward and to help find its due place.

The Association was born as an impulse from the second batch of Karl Heinz Finke’s Biography students to create a space for Biography work in India. Having experienced the qualitative changes in their lives, they felt the need to take it forward and spread the work across India and the globe.
Two students from the batch, Sandhya Durai and Rashmi Malhotra decided to formalize the impulse and formed the Association, on the behalf of all the Biography Consultants of that batch.

The idea was to create a healing and enriching space for the enrichment of every individual’s lives as well as all the continuous development of the knowledge and skills of Biography Consultants.

Association for Holistic Biography Work in India

Our Work

Association for Holistic Biography Work, is a Section 8 company, aimed at providing space for growth of Biography work in India through practice and research professionally. It desires to provide a platform for Biography practitioners to enrich their knowledge and experience regularly by creating opportunities to interact with Biography practitioners, mentors and teachers within India and across the globe.

The Association aims at helping people make meaning out of their lives through Biography work – either by experiencing it through trainings/workshops/group or individual sessions with our certified Biography Consultants.

The Association holds a space for and encourages its members to integrate Biography Work with other healing modalities, such as Eurythmy, Art Therapy, Counselling, Inner Child Healing, etc.

It also encourages and provides a platform to explore the using of Biography Work in different settings, such as schools, corporates, NGO’s and others.

The Association also encourages and supports its members to create different ways of using Biography Work to benefit a wider section of people.
It also encourages research and study in how Indian philosophies and thought and Biography Work can be integrated.

Founding Members
Rashmi Malhotra & Sandhya Durai

Honorary Members
Delna Tarapore & Karl-Heinz Finke

Foto: Alex Braga, unsplash
Foto: Alex Braga, unsplash