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Gathering 2020

In cooperation with the Association for Holistic Biography Work in India

Gather with us in India – Postponed
Online Gathering in Planning

Asia-Pacific Biography Gathering, Bangalore

Life Pathways and Karmic Keys – September 2022
Excursion – September 2022

Please note – COVID-19 (up-date: 22/05/2020)
Recognising the uncertainties of the unfolding situation our Indian colleagues decided to postpone the Asia-Pacific Gahtering, but will invite to a ZOOM Gethering instead.

More information will be published here as soon as the plans take shape.


If you are interested in biography work, and want to meet with colleagues in India, here is an ideal opportunity.

The Association for Holistic Biography Work in India is organising a Gathering of colleagues from the region. After founding members attended the World-wide Biography Conference in Hungary, they decided to extend the invitation to interested colleagues world-wide.

The intention is to gather together for professional development and mutual support. And to experience some of the spiritual life of southern India.

Please download the Registration form, fill it out and send it to the email address given there.
Our next major planning meeting is scheduled at the end of June.
Having your enrolment including your proposed contributions by Fri 26th June would be very helpful for our further planning.
We look forward to seeing you at the Gathering in Bangalore, India.
Karl-Heinz Finke, Sandhya Durai, Rashmi Sood

Dates and Times as planned for 2020, will be adapted for 2022

  • 30th September 5:00 pm – assemble at venue (tba.)
  • 1st October 9:00 am – 2nd October 6.30 pm
    Professional Gathering
  • 3rd October 9:00 am – 4th October 1:00 pm
    Network Gathering
  • 4th October 2.30 pm – 10th October 7:00 pm
    Excursion – ends with a drop off at Bangalore airport


Sandhya Durai
info.biographywork@gmail.com; Sandhya.durai@gmail.com
+91 99 0034 4777

Rashmi Sood
+91 98 1022 0316

Part 1 – Professional Gathering

The first three days of the Gathering (30th September to 2nd October) are titled Professional Gathering – a sharing between colleagues and is open to all those practising Biography Work in whatever shape and form. We invite contributions from colleagues. Students who are currently undergoing courses, to become Biography Workers are invited to attend. We also would like to collectively share, what the world is calling us to do and how we are or proposing to, respond to this call.

Part 2 – Network Gathering

The next two days of the Gathering (3rd to 4th October), called Network Gathering are open to all those who are interested to know more about Biography Work. We are looking forward to networking with people who share an interest in our work and hope to discover synergies for future cooperation and collaboration.
We would like some of our colleagues to share a topic and/or an exercise that would further encourage explorations into this realm.

The official language of the Gathering is English. All sharing and communication will be in English.

Part 3 – Excursion

The third part of the Gathering is an excursion (starting after lunch on Sunday 4th October and ending 7.p.m. on Saturday 10th October) to two places of spiritual importance –

  • The first is Tiruvannamalai, the place where Ramana Maharshi lived most of his life. There is large temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called here as Arunachaleshwara and a sacred mountain, Arunachala.
    There will be an opportunity for a walk around the temple and a trek up the mountain to the place where Sri Ramana often meditated.
  • The second is the visit to Auroville, an experiment in community living by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. The Biographies of Sri Ramana, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother will be presented. An opportunity to meditate in Sri Ramana’s Ashram and in the Matrimandir, will be memorable.

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The Time Plan starts with some activities and many open slots awaiting your contributions and will be updated regularly as your contributions are coming in.

Based on experiences from other Gatherings we hope for a variety of contributions, such as –

  • Presentations: 30–45 min, plus 15min questions and answer time,
  • Short Contributions: 15-30 min, possibly leading into a group sharing
  • Creative Exercises or Artistic Processes: 45 min
  •  Initiatives: These can be a slot of 15 min up to 2hours.