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Our Courses in Australia

Current training

In Canberra, in 2020, we are teaching the final modules of the 3-year training in Holistic Biography Work. Due to travel and gathering restrictions, these modules are being offered as online workshops in real-time via the Zoom platform.

Each module is open to Guests with a background in Biography Work and/or Anthroposophy. An Introductory Course or Foundation Workshop in Holistic Biography Work is recommended but not required when attending these individual workshops as a Guest.

Each workshop is facilitated by Karl-Heinz Finke assisted by graduates of the 3-year training in Holistic Biography Work.

Pre-reading and preparatory materials are sent out in advance, so early registration is advised.


Laura Summerfield: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

Click here for a list of accredited Tutors in Holistic Biography Work who are happy to assist individuals working with issues related to their life story.


Canberra viewed from Mount Ainslie - Source: Wikipedia
Canberra viewed from Mount Ainslie - Source: Wikipedia

Mental Health Crisis – Biography work in learning, coaching & therapeutic settings

Understanding the spiritual structure of human frailty
Friday morning 31 July to Sunday afternoon 2 August 2020

This workshop helps you better understand mental health phenomena. Through workshop presentations and by exploring your own life experiences, we cultivate an empathetic understanding of mental health issues in order to better accompany individuals carrying such phenomena as part of their biography. We discuss what defines Mental Illness and consider Caroline Myss’s message of a possible healthy ‘Spiritual Madness’, indicating a spiritual experience or a chaotic transition phase as a possible part of inner development.
Film documentaries are used to provide a shared experience on this topic.

We raise the question of who and what decides or defines Mental Illness, and what might be the difference between a Psychotic Episode and a Spiritual Experience.
The workshop processes help you recognise when someone may be facing a mental health crisis, and whether they need referral for further support or intervention. Our aim is not treatment for serious mental health issues, as this is beyond the scope of Holistic Biography Work.

In this workshop, there are more presentations or content than usual, but these will be interwoven with group-work and sharing in plenum. We will explore how any of us can be affected at different times in our lives by an inner crisis, leading to possible difficult and challenging experiences that may become the touchstone for change.

3 Ways of Learning – Learning for life, learning from life, initiation through life

Designing effective processes
Friday evening 11 September to Sunday afternoon 13 September 2020

Taking Coenraad van Houten’s research into Three Ways of Learning as a starting point, this workshop focusses on Processes as a theme. Whenever we meet with a client, run a workshop, facilitate an exercise, prepare for a professional or family event, we create – consciously or unconsciously – processes in time.

Trainers and educators have discovered, for example, that some exercise processes work somehow ‘naturally’ and these respective exercises are used for a long time. Other exercises do not work well and are dropped, even if they were thoughtfully designed to serve a specific purpose. A Dutch organisation with its roots in Spiritual Science or Anthroposophy – the NPI, Nederlands Pedagogic Institute – started to research what constitutes a ‘good process’ or a ‘good exercise’ and discovered that good processes or exercises are related to an Archetype or a Being. In the 1970s Coenraad van Houten, a senior consultant at the NPI, discovered that Education and Transformation Processes work best, if they are based on a Seven-step process, i.e. the Destiny Learning Process we teach in our Holistic Biography Work training. He researched and linked the Seven Life Processes within the Etheric-Life Body of the human being with the Seven Learning Processes. The Seven Step Learning Processes are in coherence with the Archetype of the Seven Life Processes and that constitutes their success. Of course, there are also Archetypes behind ‘Three Step’ or ‘Three Level’ processes, or four or nine or twelve …

This workshop provides tools, proven useful for teachers, trainers and consultants, for you to design effective learning processes. Knowledge about learning processes also helps you to better read and understand biographical and developmental patterns.


In 1997, during one of the last Schooling Courses at Hawkwood College (UK), Living-way received an invitation to conduct a Schooling Course in Melbourne, Australia in 1998. This was a stepping-stone for many future Living-way workshops and trainings in Australia and New Zealand.

The Schooling Course in Australia sadly ended after a successful three-year cycle in Armidale.

The first Living-way 3-year Biography Training began in Australia in 2004, under the umbrella of The Melbourne Therapy Centre. The second training cycle started in 2009 in Sydney in co-operation with Sydney Rudolf Steiner College. There were 2 more training cycles in Sydney. The fifth commenced in Canberra in March 2018 supported by the Anthroposophical Society in Australia, Canberra Branch.
In Sydney, there have been 3 bi-annual Gatherings of Biography Consultants (2014, 2016, 2018). The goal has been to strengthen a collegial network and to support local peer support groups. A quarterly communication newsletter, Seasonal Sharings, was initiated at the 2018 Gathering.

In 2020, with the expansion of Holistic Biography Work in Asia, we are supporting an online regional Gathering from the Association of Holistic Biography Work in India. Dates are: 1-4 October.

Holistic Biography Work Training in Canberra / Australia

The 3-year Course in Holistic Biography Work is running from April 2018 to September 2020.
Facilitator: Karl-Heinz Finke; assisted by Laura Summerfield

From 2021, an online Training program in English is offered world-wide including Australia. Here you can find more information on the development of this online training.