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Our Courses in India

With the Association for Holistic Biography Work in India

Courses 2020

In Bangalore, in 2020, three modules are being conducted as the second year of the 3-year training in Holistic Biography Work. All are taught in English. They were originally planned to be Residential 5-day workshops.

The first module (Life Encounters and relationships) was taught in Bangalore as a Residential workshop in February, but due to the global pandemic, changes have been made to the rest of the training program. The Meeting Conflict Module was taught online in September. The Trials and Thresholds Module is yet to come.

The modules are supervised by Karl-Heinz Finke, assisted by graduates of the previous 3-year training cycles in India, now being mentored to run the courses themselves. In 2020, the course is offered with the support of the newly formed Association for Holistic Biography Work. Karl-Heinz supports the training process with an online presence, and online Modules will continue until it is possible to travel again.


Association for Holistic Biografy Work in India

Individual & Community – Life encounters & relationships.

Exploring the impact of people, places & situations.
Wednesday 5 February to Sunday 9 February 2020

Meeting Conflict – Polarity & diversity as a developmental challenge.

Understanding the forces influencing conflicts.
Wednesday 23 September to Sunday 27 September 2020

Trials & Thresholds – Awakening to initiation through life.

Reflecting on peak, abyss & transition experiences.
Dates to be advised

Online Biography Gathering 2020

The Association for Holistic Biography Work in India is hosting the 1st Virtual Biography Gathering online for 4 days in November.

Contributions have been received from colleagues world-wide. One of the goals of the Gathering is to support the development of Biography Work in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dates: Thursday 19 November to Sunday 22 November 2020, each session lasting 4 hours online.

Registrations to join the Gathering close on October 31, 2020.

See their website for more information: www.holisticbiography.com

Banyan tree in auroville, by Olivier on Flickr


In 2009, two women in sarees attended the bi-annual World-Wide Biography Conference at Emerson College, UK. They came on behalf of the Anthroposophical Medical Society in India, looking for trainers to run a Biography Training in India. Following their invitation, Marah Evans and Karl-Heinz Finke conducted the first Indian Biography Training from 2011 to 2015 in Hyderabad and Bangalore. A second training cycle took place in Bangalore 2016-2018.

Karl-Heinz Finke is now (2019-2021) supervising the third Indian training cycle, run as a Residential course in Bangalore when possible, and online when travel is not possible, whilst mentoring graduates of the former training cycles.

In June 2019, 4 graduates (now colleagues) came to Hungary for a special meeting with representatives of the International Trainers Forum (ITF), and then attended the World-Wide Biography Conference. Our Indian colleagues have formed the Association for Holistic Biography Work, which is supporting the ongoing training and professional development of Biography Consultants in India. In September/October 2019, they had planned to host a regional Biography Gathering with an excursion for participants to Tiruvannamalai and Auroville. This became impossible due to the pandemic. They have now planned a Virtual Gathering in November 2020, with hopes for another Gathering in the future.

200 years old Tree in Bangalore - Foto by maxpixels.net
200 years old Tree in Bangalore - Foto by maxpixels.net

Holistic Biography Work Training in Bangalore – Course Overview

The 3-year Course in Holistic Biography Work is running from February 2019 to September 2021
under the auspices of the Indian “Association for Holistic Biography Work”.
Supervisor: Karl-Heinz Finke

Foundation Courses

Take charge of your life. Apply the resources of Holistic Biography Work.

Foundation Courses are conducted in India by graduates of the Holistic Biography Training.
Please check the website of the Association for dates.
Foundation Course participation is mandatory for joining the training.

An Online Training Program is available from end 2020, and there are still vacancies. It is most comfortable for the Asia-Pacific region time-zones.
Prerequisite for joining is completion of the Foundation Course. A Learning Pack for the Foundation Course is now available. Guided Group-work is available to complete the course in early December. Email us if you are interested: mail@holisticbiographywork.com.

Parts 1 to 3

All modules include Preparatory Reading and Training Components:

  • Project description
  • Project presentation
  • Peer Intervision

Part 1: Biographical Keys

Developing individual awareness

Annual Project
Biographical Interview

  • Module 1-1
    to be announced
  • Module 1-2
    The Helping Conversation
    to be announced
  • Module 1-3
    Destiny Learning
    to be announced

Please enquire re dates

Part 2: Life Encounters

Developing social awareness

Annual Project
Biographical Analysis

  • Module 2-1
    Individual & Community
    Wed 05/02–Sun 09/02/2020
  • Module 2-2
    Meeting Conflict
    Wed 23/09–Sun 27/09/2020
  • Module 2-3
    Trials & Thresholds
    Wed 05/02–Sun 09/02/2021

Part 3: Guidance and Self-guidance

Developing spiritual awareness

Annual Project
Biographical Study

  • Module 3-1
    Mission & Meaning
    Wed 14/07–Sun 18/07/2021
  • Module 3-2
    Mental Health Crisis
    Wed 22/09 – Sun 26/09/2021
  • Module 3-3
    3 ways of Learning
    Wed – Sun February 2022