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2023 Biography Gathering Study Guide


Study Guide for the International Online Biography Gathering 2023.
Links to 5 Video Lectures, and 7 Presentations,
Visuals related to these,
Further information and reading resources to deepen learning.
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The International Online Biography Gathering 2023 was a warm gathering of colleagues interested in Biography WorkOver 4 days, participants listened, shared and deepened their learning.
A Study Guide is now available to capture part of this wonderful Gathering experience.

Contents include:
3 Video Lectures: Dr Michaela Gloeckler, Biography Work as a key to a new Self-understanding, The ‘I’ and its Double, Salutogenesis and Resiliency in Biographic Consultations.
2 Video Lectures: Dr Martha Koelman, Anthroposophic Psychiatry of Body, Soul and Spirit.
3 Biographical Analyses: David Bowie, Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Ramana Maharishi.
Plus related Visuals, and information on further resources to deepen understanding.
Further information on initiatives in Online Trainings, India, Taiwan and Japan.

This Gathering was organised by:
Living Way … Holistic Biography Work, Australia
Association for Holistic Biography Work, India
Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Anthroposophic Biography Work
Biography Dialogue Institute, Japan

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