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Communication Skills – Free Study Guide


Communication Skills: Sensing with 4 ears in human communication. Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communication – listening to Thinking, Feeling, Willing.

We offer a FREE copy of our Communication Skills Study Guide, as an example of what we offer in the Learning Packs for our courses.
It is available as a free download from our Web Shop until 31 March.

This free copy contains all the reading and activities for the Communication Skills course, including the group-work activities.
Links to the lectures by Karl-Heinz Finke are not included.

This Study Guide forms part of the course that leads into The Helping Conversation. Both the Communication Skills Learning Pack and The Helping Conversation Learning Pack are available in our Web Shop.

The Communication Skills course explores the communication skills (verbal and non-verbal) and the listening skills (reflective and discerning listening) that are essential in a Helping Conversation. The study resources in this Learning Pack provide useful preparation for participating in a helping conversation.

There is support to learn and practice skills of verbal communication, and to develop skills in reflective and discerning listening. There is guidance on distinguishing Thinking, Feeling and Willing statements in communications. Learn about and practice listening with four ears. The practices develop the capacity for Imagination and the capacity for gaining Inspiration.