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Introductory Course in Holistic Biography Work


This Introductory Course offers a comprehensive introduction to Holistic Biography Work. It is a self-paced learning pack with 40 hours of study, consisting of a Study Guide, Biography Log-book, 10 recorded lectures, and suggested reading.
Available for 230 AUD, approx 140 EUR.


The Introductory Course consists of a comprehensive Study Guide, 10 lectures by Karl-Heinz Finke, with accompanying visuals, suggested reading, as well as a copy of the personalised Biography Log-book. It is designed for approximately 40 hours of self-paced study.

This Course is highly recommended for anyone thinking about undertaking the Holistic Biography Work Training Program, to train as a Biographical Consultant. From 2021, it forms part of the entry requirements for the online Training Program.

It is a good resource for meaningful group study. Groups of 4 or more may obtain this Learning Pack for 150 AUD or 90 EUR each, a substantial saving. Contact us to take advantage of this discount.

Here are the lecture topics –

  1. What is Biography Work?
  2. Body, Soul and Spirit.
  3. Four levels of self-awareness.
  4. Making sense.
  5. Development of consciousness.
  6. Repetitions, patterns, and metamorphosis in life.
  7. Biography and karma.
  8. Initiation through life.
  9. Mission and meaning.
  10. Life as a learning curriculum.