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The Biography Log-book and eLog-book

The Biography Log-book is available in English, French and Mandarin. Translations into German, Hungarian, Japanese and Hebrew are being completed. All have the same design as the English version. The Mandarin and Hungarian editions are available as printed Books. All others are eBooks only.
If you work with the Log-book and wish for individual support in your language, have a look at our Tutors List.

The Biography Log-book provides resources for work on an individual biography or life story. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the nature of a personal life journey from a holistic perspective, in a systematic and creative way. Within the Log-book, there are useful questions, engaging activities, and interesting information to help note the facts of a life and to reflect on incidents and experiences.

The Biography Log-book was created as a resource for Biography Work or Life Story Work by Karl-Heinz Finke and Laura Summerfield.
After many years of delivering Holistic Biography Work in various ways as a Consultant and Trainer world-wide, Karl-Heinz decided to make his teaching materials accessible to anyone interested in Biography Work. In association with Laura, the Biography Log-book was born.

The Log-book allows you to work on your own life story in a systematic way.

You can also use it to summarise another’s life story. It has been used as a tool for sharing a life story with family members. Some books have become legacy items to be left for the family to read as the record of a life journey.

The first Log-book was released as a print edition in July 2019, and sold out within 4 months. It has been successfully used by individuals, groups, Consultants and Trainers world-wide.

Faced with the realities of world-wide distribution and storage, strong interest in different language versions, their own teaching and travel commitments, and an ongoing desire to keep updating their learning materials, Karl-Heinz and Laura made the decision to publish the second edition as an eBook.

The Charts from the Biography Log-book (Septennial Charts and Life Panorama Chart) are included within the Log-book eBook, but are also available as a separate resource.

The third edition is now available and is interactive; if desired, text may be added directly into the Log-book before saving or printing. It is personalised with name and dates entered into the Charts once birth date is knows, and further calculations are made, eg individual Lunar Nodes.

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eLog-book – INTRODUCTORY OFFER – English language 3rd edition now available –
Only 20.00 €, eBook, interactive, 80 pages, full colour, A4 landscape (29,7×21 cm), PDF file, 18 MB size, ready for printing, suitable for binding. Can enter text directly into Log-book before printing. Personalised – with name and dates entered into Charts.
ISBN: 978-0-6485755-7-3
© Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield


We add name and day of birth manually to each Log-book. The data in your individualised charts is based on your DOB.
Order your Log-book by sending an email to mail@HolisticBiographyWork.com.
We will send you a PayPal invoice and email your Log-book after payment is received.
Usually this takes two days.

This book is now available in Mandarin.

生命傳記— —

作者:卡爾-漢斯.芬克(Karl-Heinz Finke)、
蘿拉:桑默菲爾德(Laura Summerfield)

Log-book in Mandarin

定價:新台幣 600元
Facebook-Page: 三元生活實踐社
E-Mail: threefoldlivingstudio@gmail.com

Septennial and Panorama Charts

A set of 13 Septennial and 4 Panorma Charts to record the incidents and experiences of a life in 7-year phases. Each Chart is full colour, and has room to correlate your Life Years with the Calendar years of your journey. Please note that the Septennial and Panorama Charts are included within the Biography Log-book. They are made available as a separate resource for those wanting extra copies and may be used by Consultants, Trainers and Students in Biography Work to assist in recording life stories. These charts are not personalised and may be printed as needed.

Septennial Charts

Septennial Charts support biographical reflection by providing a framework to create a condensed overview of a life journey. A Master Chart without Life Years is added for those older than 84 years.

Panorama Charts

Each of the 4 Panorama Chart pages gives an essential summary of 21 years of a Life Journey. The Charts provide a framework for up to 84 years. They are colour coded, which makes correspondences across the 7-year life phases easier to track. The 4 pages may be laid side by side to provide a concise picture – a Panorama – of the life journey.

Price of 5 EUR for Set of 17 Charts

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Biography Log-book, a Septennial Chart
Biography Log-book, a Septennial Chart
Biography Log-book, Panorama Chart
Biography Log-book, Panorama Chart

5 €, 17 pages, full colour, A4 landscape, PDF file, ready for printing.
ISBN: 978-0-6485755-2-8
© Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield