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Living Way... Lebenswege... Holistic Biography Work
Biography Online - December 2020

by Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

End of Year Greetings

A busy and challenging year is drawing to a close, bringing with it our increased awareness of the interconnection of all beings on our planet Earth. A potential for change has been brought to us by the ongoing pandemic; whether we are able to take advantage of it remains to be seen.
Our highlights have included: establishing a new base in Canberra to run our courses online; the start of our Online Training Program; the publication of the Biography Log-book in Japanese; and participation in the 1st Virtual Biography Gathering with a world-wide focus, organised by the Indian Association for Holistic Biography Work.

For the Gathering in India, Karl-Heinz shared his research re biographies of the age group 50+, and the connection between our spiritual development and our care for mother Earth or Gaia.
For this Gathering, Laura shared her experience of self-reflective journal writing and launched an online Never-Ending Journal. This is now available as a free download. We offer it as our End of Year gift to you all. It includes a virtue and verse for contemplation each month, as well as beautiful flower photographs taken in Australia by Karl-Heinz.

Click here to download the Never-Ending Journal.

Don't forget to follow our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with resources as we share them, and some of our participant contributions.

We wish you all the opportunity to relax and re-charge after this challenging year, and many blessings for the year ahead.

Take care … Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

Free Chart downloads

The Life Panorama Chart is an interactive Chart. Use it to create a succinct overview of a life from birth to 84 years of age. Type directly into the Chart. Significant dates are calculated based on the date of birth entered. May be freely used and shared at no cost.
Our Interactive Panorama Chart is the perfect tool to create a Life Overview. It uses the Archetypes as indicated by Rudolf Steiner, and developed by Lievegoed, Burkhard and Finke.

Here is our hand-out containing a Description of the Archetype behind the Panorama Chart, with the reference to the source in Rudolf Steiner's collected works CW-104.

This Set of Septennial Charts consists of 13 full-colour Charts. 12 are related to specific 7-year life phases up to the age of 84 years, and the 13th is a Master for further copies. Download, copy and use as needed.

Online Courses in 2021

Introductory Course in Holistic Biography Work
First steps in Biography Work. Explore your life journey.

An online learning package which includes a Study Guide for self-paced learning, access to taped lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke, preparatory reading and the personalised Biography Log-book. The Online Introductory Course provides an excellent introduction to Biography Work from a holistic perspective, and is ideal for Study groups to work on together.

Course times: Start your course at any time.
Fee: 140 Euros or 230 AUD
Special offer for Study groups: 90 EUR or 150 AUD for each person, minimum of 4.

Online Training Program in Holistic Biography Work
We have started. Until Friday 15th Jan, you can join the 2021 Training group.
A 3-year program consisting of 12 Modules. Online Learning Packs supplemented with online real-time guided group-work.

Participants have started the Online Training - from Malaysia, Philippines, Slovenia, Australia and New Zealand. There are still places available and enrolment in the Training Program is possible after our Foundation Course or equivalent is completed.
See below for our next scheduled Foundation Course in early 2021 that makes it possible to start the first Module, Typologies, with the current cohort.

Individual Modules (as Learning Packs) may be purchased for personal or professional development after completion of the Introductory Course or Foundation Course or equivalent.

In 2021, the following Modules are offered:

  • Typologies - Understanding Self and Others. Exploring Temperaments, Soul Types, Qualities, Rhythms and Cycles in life. Learning Pack available from January 15, 2021.
  • Mental Health Challenges - Recognising common mental health issues. Learning strategies to manage mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Learning Pack available from 26 March 2021.
  • Communication Skills - Sensing with 4 ears in human communication. Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communications. Learning Pack available from 18 June 2021.
  • Helping Conversations - Deep listening and empathy in encounter. Practising 3 levels and 7 qualities in helping conversations. A Core Module in the Training. Learning Pack available from 20 August 2021.

Foundation Course in Holistic Biography Work
Take charge of your life. Apply the resources of Holistic Biography Work.

Our Foundation Course now available online. Participants receive a Learning Pack to complete in their own time, which includes a Study Guide, recorded Lectures and an interactive Biography Log-book.

They then participate in a online real-time guided group-work, over 4 days.

No prerequisite to enrol, other than openness to a holistic approach. This course forms part of the entry requirements into the Online Training Program in Holistic Biography Work. This Training is offered online in 2021. The Online Foundation Course may be done for personal or professional development.

Course times: Online Learning Pack available at any time. Real-time guided group-work sessions as advised.

Dates for guided group-work:
Thursday 21 January to Sunday 24 January 2021,
15:00 to 20:00 hours (AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Fee: Learning Pack only, 90 EUR or 150 AUD.
Full course, including guided group-work: 290 EUR or 470 AUD.

Report on Virtual Biography Gathering

1st Virtual Biography Gathering

Organised by the Association for Holistic Biographic Work in India.

This Gathering brought us together online via Zoom for 4 days in November, 4 hours each day. The theme asked us to consider Life Pathways and Biography Work - Stepping Consciously into the Future.

It was a collegial Gathering for those engaged with Biography Work world-wide, and was beautifully organised and presented by a team from the Indian Association. More than 65 of us gathered from 15 different countries and many time zones, to hear from our colleagues. There was sharing in the large group and sharing in pairs and small groups. The technology supported us to create a warm atmosphere for sharing.

Each day there were 3 presentations.
We explored: our years 50+ (with Karl-Heinz); our 12 Senses (with Lakshmi); our core qualities (with Deepa); the value of self-reflective work (with Laura); our connection to all life (with Jolie); our spiritual development in relation to Gaia (with Karl-Heinz); strengthening of our inner Sun (with Anita); understanding our personal Corona journey (with Yael and Orna); and
the influence of the Outer Cosmos - Zodiac and Constellations (with Alexandra).

A phrase that stays with me in our explorations, a Serbian proverb:

Be humble for you are made of earth
Be noble for you are made of stars

Congratulations to the organisers; there are already thoughts of another Virtual Gathering in 2021, since the World-wide Biography Conference in Finland has been rescheduled to 2022. Stay tuned ...

World Wide Biography Conference - Finland 2021

We have been advised that the Conference planned for 2021 has been rescheduled to 2022.
Keep up-to-date with plans, via the following website:
2021 Worldwide Biography Conference

We send you our warmth and best wishes from the Australian summer season,

Karl-Heinz & Laura

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