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Online Introductory Course

First steps in Biography Work – Explore your life journey

Our Introductory Course in Holistic Biography Work was launched on Saturday 27 June 2020.

The welcoming lecture by Karl-Heinz Finke was taped.

Course times: Start your course at any time.
Fee:190 Euros, includes Study Guide, personalised copies of Biography Log-book (eBook Bundle), taped lectures and other learning materials.

Contact us at: mail@holisticbiographywork.com.

The course is offered in English, using the Biography Log-book as the text-book, with additional course materials and lectures. Personal tutoring is optional.

Course details


  • An introductory course in Holistic Biography Work
  • 40 hours of self-paced study
  • 10 separate study parts
  • Course fee: 190 EUR, includes all learning materials and on-line lectures
  • Enrolment at any time, valid for 6 months from date of payment for course
  • Facilitators: Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield
  • Individual tutor support available in different languages
  • Text-book included: personalised Biography Log-book (eBook Bundle)
  • No prior knowledge of Biography Work is assumed

Course Aims

  • A systematic and creative study of a personal life journey
  • Awareness of the shape of the archetypal human life journey
  • Access to resources to deepen understanding
  • Opportunity to reflect on own life story

Course Goals

  • Gain confidence in using the tools and resources of Holistic Biography Work in charting own life story
  • Deepening understanding of own life story through guided Self-reflection
  • Enable ongoing study of Biography Work for personal or professional development

Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge and use of specific resources – including Septennial Charts and Life Panorama Chart
  • Understanding the 7-year life phases in the development of consciousness
  • Understanding 21-year cycles related to Physical, Soul and Spiritual development
  • Completion of questions and Septennial Charts related to a personal life journey, up to current age of participant
  • Commencement of Life Panorama Chart, with some life themes identified
  • Insight into the concepts of: Mirroring, Metamorphosis, Patterns, Rhythms, Repetitions, Themes, Transitions, Crisis points, Thresholds, Destiny events, Karma and Planetary influences, Lunar Nodes.
  • Consideration of personal life encounters and their meaning
  • Understanding more of personal life meaning and mission

Further steps

  • Follow-up Biographical Consultations are available with accredited Consultants in different languages
  • This Introductory Course or the Foundation Workshop is the pre-requisite for enrolment in further online workshops in Holistic Biography Work

Topics covered

  • What is Biography Work?
  • Creating a personal time-line
  • Guided Self-reflection
  • The River of Life
  • Working with Septennial Charts
  • The Physical Development years
  • The Soul Development years
  • The Spiritual Development years
  • The Transpersonal Development years
  • Lunar Nodes and their calculation
  • Significant life encounters
  • Crisis, Challenges and Trials
  • Life themes and patterns
  • Using the Life Panorama Chart
  • Future directions