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Online Biography Training Program

We are aware of the demand for accessible trainings for Biography Consultants world-wide. Taking the challenge of the Covid crisis as an opportunity, we are offering the Modules of our Training Program in Holistic Biography Work online, and developing Learning Packs to supplement online real-time group-work in manageable time-zones.

In 2021, we offer the following Theme Modules online:

Typologies – Understanding Self & Others. Exploring Temperaments, Soul Types, Qualities, Rhythms & Cycles in Life.
Learning Pack available from 15 January. Online sessions of guided group-work – 5/3 to 7/3/2021 (13 hours).

Mental Health Challenges – Recognising common mental health issues. Learning strategies to manage mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.
Learning Pack available from 26 March. Online sessions of guided group-work – 21/5 to 23/5/2021 (13 hours).

Communication Skills – Sensing with 4 ears in human communication. Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communications.
Learning Pack available from 18 June. Online sessions of guided group-work – 6/8 to 8/8/2021 (13 hours).

In 2021, we offer the following Core Module online:

Helping Conversations – Deep listening & empathy in encounter. Practising 3 levels and 7 qualities in helping conversations.
Learning Pack available from 20 August. Online sessions of guided group-work – 14/10 to 17/10/2021 (20 hours).

Each Module consists of a self-paced Learning Pack consisting of a Study Guide, recorded Lectures, and suggested Reading. Trainees work through this material, and then participate in online real-time guided group-work sessions. Places are still available for the Training Program, with the online real-time sessions scheduled for the Asia-Pacific time-zones.

Theme Modules and Core Modules are available for personal and professional development as Learning Packs only, without the online real-time group-work component. Certificates for completion available after submission of some of the work for the Module.

See below for a description of the comprehensive Online Training program.

Entry into the Training Program requires

  • Some background in Biography Work and/or Anthroposophy is helpful. Completion of the online Introductory Course is highly recommended as a starting point for those with no other background.
  • Completion of a Foundation Course or equivalent is necessary to be accepted into the Training Program.
  • Written application form, including motivation for joining the Training Program.
  • Submission of personal CV and Life Panorama Chart.
  • Personal intake interview


Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield: mail@holisticbiographywork.com

Click here for a list of accredited Tutors in Holistic Biography Work who are happy to assist individuals working with issues related to their life story.

Course fees in 2021

All Courses come with a comprehensive online Learning Pack
Study Guide, recorded Lectures, suggested Reading and activities.
Introductory Course – 190 €, self-paced online learning
Foundation Course – 290 €, includes online real-time group-work
Core Modules – 290 €, includes online real-time group-work
Theme Modules – 230 €, includes online real-time group-work
Training Fee – 230 €, an annual fee is paid for Training sessions
Learning Packs only – 90 €


On-line Training Program – Course summary

  • 12 Modules are offered as part of the Training Program, and successful completion of each is required. See the list of Modules and their online release dates below.
  • Trainees apply at any time and may be accepted after completion of the Foundation Course.
  • Trainees can start their Training at any time. They have a maximum of 4 years to complete the Training. Minimum time for completion is 2 years. 3 years is the recommended Study/Learning journey.
  • Modules of the Training may be completed in any order, provided the Learning Packs are available and prerequisites are met. The sequence below has been designed to offer a good learning and study plan. This sequence commences at the beginning of 2021.
  • After Trainees complete their first Module, they make the final decision about whether to continue with the Training Program, and then pay an annual fee while they remain a Trainee. This covers the costs associated with their Training, including the Training Sessions.
  • 3 Core Modules deal with important, more sensitive content and are done online with real-time guided group-work sessions taken over 4 days (20 hours altogether). Individual tutoring is included as part of the group-work. Learning packs are provided and include preparation for the guided group-work.
  • 9 Theme Modules on specific topics are completed with online Learning Packs and online guided group-work.
  • 3 Projects need to be submitted and passed during the Training period, in the following sequence:
    1. Biographical Interview; 2. Biographical Analysis; 3. Biographical Study.
    More details on these Projects and support to complete them are provided in the Training sessions.
  • Training Sessions: Trainees attend Training Sessions online in real-time scheduled throughout the year, mainly attached to the scheduled Modules.
  • A Study Record is kept for each Trainee as a record of their participation: Modules completed, Projects completed, and so on. Certification is completed when all Training requirements are met.


  • Receive a Certificate as an accredited Biography Consultant in Holistic Biography Work. The Training Program meets the guidelines suggested by the School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum Switzerland, for Biography work.
  • Are recognised as Biographical Consultants (Note: this Training does not provide qualifications in Counselling/Psychotherapy; those interested in such a specialisation are encouraged to obtain these additional qualifications if they do not already have a professional qualification).
  • Have sufficient qualifications and knowledge to run Biography workshops of their own.
  • Are invited to join the network of Biography Tutors assisting students in the Introductory Course.
  • May be Mentored to learn how to conduct their own Training Program for Biographical Consultants
  • Are offered Master Classes and ongoing support as needed


  • The Introductory Course in Holistic Biography Work is an online Learning Pack, with 40 hours of self-paced learning. It provides a good introduction for those considering whether to apply for the Training program.
  • Once the Introductory Course or Foundation Course is completed, participation for personal and/or professional development is possible in all our online Modules.
  • The Foundation Course is available as a stand-alone course for those wanting a more comprehensive introduction. As well as completing an online Learning Pack, participants spend 5 hours on each of 4 days in an online, real-time sharing process in a guided small group. This Course is a prerequisite for joining the Holistic Biography Training program.
  • Those who have completed the online Introductory Course may choose to go on to do the Foundation Course. They receive a 20% fee reduction.

More on the Module Themes:

Please note

As we are developing our online training based on the existing onsite training, these are the onsite module descriptions. Some of the onsite modules are split into two online modules to meet online teaching requirements.

List of the Online Training Modules

Part 1: Biographical Keys

Developing individual awareness

Core Module BGO-10 – Foundation Course
Take Charge of your life.
Apply the resources of Holistic Biography work.
Now available online – with a Learning Pack and guided group-work.
This Course is delivered as soon as there are four participants in the same or similar time zone (and accessible language).
Each group is guided. Due to our international network we can call on facilitators in different languages. Even if the main content is delivered in English, the group-work could be in your mother-tongue.

Module BGO-11 – Typologies
Understanding Self and others.
Explore temperaments, soul types, qualities, rhythms and cycles in life.
Online from January 2021

Module BGO-12 – Mental Health Challenges
Recognising common mental health issues.
Learning strategies to manage mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.
Online from March 2021

Module BGO-13 – Communication Skills
Sensing with Four Ears in human communication.
Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communications.
Online from June 2021

Part 2: Encounters

Developing social awareness

Core Module 20-BGO – Helping Conversations
Deep listening and empathy in encounter.
Practising 3 levels and 7 qualities in helping conversations.
Online from August 2021

Module BGO-21 – Life encounters and Relationships
Individual and community.
Exploring the impact of people, places and situations.
Online from January 2022

Module BGO-22 – Mental Health Crisis and Spiritual Emergency
Understanding mental health crisis from a holistic, spiritual perspective.
Understanding the relationship between physical symptoms and mental & emotional well-being.
Online from March 2022

Module BGO-23 – Destiny and Karma
Learning holistic concepts of Destiny & Karma.
Differentiating Instrument Karma & Incident Karma.
Online from June 2022

Part 3 –  Guidance & Self-guidance

Developing spiritual awareness

Core Module BGO-30 – Destiny Learning
Learning from Life.
Identifying karmic keys and destiny events.
Online from August 2022

Module BGO-31 – Mission and Meaning
Life as a spiritual journey.
Supporting the Self in search for meaning.
Online from January 2023

Module BGO-32 – Trials and Thresholds
Awakening to initiation through life.
Reflecting on peak, abyss and transition experiences.
Online from March 2023

Module BGO-33 – Three Ways of Learning
Learning for Life, learning from life, initiation through life.
Designing effective learning processes.
Online from June 2023

Core Module BGO-40 – Meeting Conflict
Learning to read and transform conflict patterns.
Understanding conflict escalation and de-escalation.
Online from August 2023