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Living Way... Lebenswege... Holistic Biography Work
Biography Online - July 2021
Warm welcome from cold Canberra

Our online Biography Training in Holistic Biography Work continues as we support courses and students globally. The time zones of our students range from Atlanta, Georgia, US to Dunedin, New Zealand. With some flexibility, we are able to find time-slots for the guided groupwork which is part of the training process.

We start a second online Training Program in 2022, and are accepting enrolments now. Here is our Flyer and the Program Summary. The Training Handbook contains detailed information.

The Foundation Course (the prerequisite) is available before the new cycle starts. More info below.

In other news ...
Laura has edited her Never-Ending Journal into a July to June edition.
Karl-Heinz has created a new free resource: Interactive Septennial Charts linked to Panorama Charts and Lunar Node Dates. They can be personalised based on your date of birth and are form-fillable.

Our Facebook page continues to make our work visible and accessible.

We wish you inner and outer warmth as the light starts to change in both hemispheres, bringing both blessings and inner challenge. In these Covid times, our outer expression is strongly influenced by our inner work.

Our best wishes,
Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

Free Charts - new resource

Our Septennial Charts are now linked with our Life Panorama Chart.
Formerly found in this format only in our Biography Log-book, these Charts are now available as a separate document.
All Charts are form-fillable. Life data entered into the Septennial Charts is automatically entered into the Life Panorama Chart, where it can be edited.
Life years and significant dates are calculated based on the date of birth entered. The charts are a free resource for personal and professional use.

New Learning Pack available

Communication Skills
Sensing with 4 ears in human communication.
Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communications.

Fee: $150 AUD or 90 EUR

Learning Packs are designed for self-paced learning on topics related to Holistic Biography Work. They consist of - a Study Guide, Reading, Activities, Lectures (with Visuals). Personalised copy of Biography Log-book included. They are suitable for personal or professional development. Each consists of resources for 20-30 hours of study.

Visit our Webshop to purchase Learning Packs.

Foundation Course
Take Charge of your Life. Apply the resources of Holistic Biography Work.

The Foundation Course may be done as a stand-alone Course. The Learning Pack is available at any time. The guided group-work component is compulsory for potential Trainees, and optional for others.

The following guided group-work sessions are available before the 2022 Online Training Program begins -

Guided group-work sessions:
November 2021:  11/11/2021 - 14/11/2021
February 2022:    17/02/2022 - 20/02/2022
Fee - Learning Pack only - 150 AUD or 90 EUR
Fee - Complete Course - 470 AUD or 290 EUR

Click here to enrol.

Online Training Program - 2nd Cycle

Enrolments open for the next online Training Program

Our 3-year Training Program (2022-2024) consists of 12 Modules, 3 Projects and is available online. Learning Packs are supplemented with online guided group-work.
Click here for a Program Summary.

Trainees work toward a Certificate in Biographical Consultancy.

With a globally diverse group of participants, sharing is a rich experience for Trainees and Tutors alike. Our common language for learning is English. Enrol now and get started with the Foundation Course.
If you are just interested self-paced developmental learning process, you can purchase our Foundation Course Learning Pack.

Here are two comments from current Trainees -

I'm so happy that I decided to join the Training Program. I was amazed by the Study guide - all the knowledge I've got through studying it, the exercises, the drawings. I love our small study groups and having a feeling of being connected with people around the globe. I can hardly wait for a new module to start. (MK, Slovenia)

Only you, hold the key to unlock the mystery of your life. The Holistic Biography Work Training Program is an empowering journey of self-discovery.  It invites you to understand your life story, through their comprehensive, well-researched and creatively crafted resource materials, polished over the years through experience. It offers a wide variety of interconnected artistic activities that will develop and sharpen your capacity for heightened awareness of what is essential and non-essential. A deep dive into the past, gives you a better sense of the present, and provides an anchor for your future choices. (ES, Philippines)

The Never Ending Journal - July edition
Laura Summerfield

Laura has edited the free Never Ending Journal so that it is a mid-year edition. Enter reflections from July to June.

The Voice of Biography
International online magazine

Edition 1 was released by the Association of Holistic Biography Work in India (Summer Solstice, 2021).

A beautiful magazine to browse, and interesting reading from practitioners world-wide.

Click here to read online or download.

11th World Wide Biography Conference - Helsinki, Finland 2022

Wednesday 29 June to Sunday 3 July, 2022.
Keep up-to-date with plans, via the following website:
2022 Worldwide Biography Conference

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