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Foundation Course – Learning Pack


Foundation Course in Holistic Biography Work – Take Charge of your Life. Apply the Resources of Holistic Biography Work.
The Foundation Course Learning Pack consists of a Study Guide, recorded Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning, a personalised copy of our Biography Log-book, our Observation Process Guide, and detailed indications for small group-work. Approximately 60 hours of self-paced study.


This Learning Pack offers the Foundation Course as a self-paced study pack. Allow approximately 60 hours to complete.

The Study Guide for the Course includes the indications for guided Group-work.  The guidelines for the group-work may benefit Study Groups who decide to complete the whole Learning Pack together. This provides the possibility of a further 20 hours of engagement with the material. The main text for this course is a personalised copy of our Biography Log-book.

This Learning Pack is recommended for personal/professional development, for those wanting to learn more about biography work, for those interested in exploring their own life journey, for those wanting to work with others, for those interested in understanding the resources used within our holistic approach, or those commencing the Holistic Biography Work Training Program. The Foundation Course is one of the entry requirements for our Training Program, and the guided Group-work within our online sessions is facilitated by one of our Training graduates.

Here are the Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke that are included within this Learning Pack –

1.1 – History of Biography Work and Holistic Biography Work. Incarnation – Excarnation.

1.2 – 3-foldness:  Body – Soul – Spirit. Also: NSS (Nerve-sense system) – RHS (Rhythmical system)– MLS (Metabolic Limb system)

2.1 – Development of consciousness. 4-foldness, part 1 – Physical, Etheric, Astral, ‘I’

2.2 – 4-foldness, part 2 – Body-Soul-Spirit-Transpersonal, 4 Seasons. The Life Panorama Chart.

3.1 – Development and learning via support and challenges. Learning outside one’s comfort zone.

3.2 – Typical challenges in Physical and Soul development years.

4.1 – Typical challenges in Spiritual and Transpersonal years.

4.2 – The Panorama Chart as a diagnostic tool.