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Biography Log-book in English, interactive eBook


The Biography Log-book provides resources for work on an individual biography or life story. This eBook is interactive and personalised.
It provides an opportunity to reflect on a personal life journey from a holistic perspective, in a systematic and creative way. Within the Log-book, there are useful questions, engaging activities, interesting pages of information and well-designed Charts.
Available for 40 AUD, approx 25 EUR.


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Use the Log-book to summarise your own or another person’s life story. Share a life story with family members. Create a legacy item for a family. Reflect on your own life. Use with family members, adult students, clients, patients, etc.

Useful Charts are included within the Log-book – Septennial Charts and the Life Panorama Chart.
The Life Panorama Chart as an interactive version is also available separately as a free download from our Library.

eBook, interactive, 80 pages, full colour, A4 landscape (29,7×21 cm), emailed as PDF file, 18 MB size, ready for printing, suitable for binding.
This edition is of the Log-book is interactive; add text directly into the Log-book before saving/printing. It is personalised: we add the birth date, and significant dates are calculated. Data added to Septennial Charts (or 7-year life phase charts) is automatically added to a Life Panorama Chart and ready to edit. ISBN: 978-0-6485755-7-3 3rd Edition  ●  © Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield