Holistic Biography Work - Newsletter 2022-12
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Biography Online - December 2022
From Berlin after a busy year ...

Good day,

As the year draws to a close, we send you our best wishes for a splendid sizzling summer holiday, or a cozy cold winter break.
And our blessings for the year ahead ...

May life grow more radiant about you,
May life grow more abundant within you,
And may you follow your Star ...

We reflect on our work in 2022 ...

Supporting Trainees in our 4 different Training Programs;
Starting a Mentoring Program for Graduates, learning to run courses and trainings themselves in Mandarin or English;
Celebrating the Graduates and Mentees from our 3rd Training Cycle in India at the end of their 3 or 6 years of study;
Acknowledging the successful graduates of our Life Phases Course at the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College;
Launching our Biography Log-book translated into German and simplified Chinese;
Congratulating the Graduates from the 11th Training Cycle in Germany - the last cycle from Karl-Heinz in Germany;
Handing over the German Training to a new team - Gemma, Juergen and Rita;
Saying Good-bye to German colleagues at a German Biography Gathering ...

And we look forward to the busy-ness of 2023 ...

Welcoming a new group of first years in our International Online Training Program - last minute enrolments are still possible;
For the first time, teaching all 12 Modules of our Training Program within one year, and also offering them as stand-alone courses;
Offering our first Adult Learning course, Guiding Groups, in English;
Organising a mid-year Online Biography Gathering in association with colleagues in India, Taiwan and Japan.

In other news ...

  • Our Steiner verses set to music are being transcribed for sharing.
  • Our Trainees are completing their Biography projects which will make for wonderful reading next month.

Our warmest regards and seasonal greetings
Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

3 Courses for Self-development

Each course has a comprehensive Learning Pack with optional online group-work sessions in March 2023.

Choose your course ... and email us ...
Learning Pack only - 150 AUD.
Total fee, including online sessions - 380 AUD

  • Typologies - Understanding Self & Others
  • Life Encounters & Relationships - Individual & Community
  • Mission & Meaning - Life as a Spiritual journey

Guiding Groups
Creating and Holding an Open Space

An Adult Learning course based on the work of Coenraad van Houten.
Comprehensive Learning Pack with optional 20 hours of online sessions.
Online: Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 January 2023,
17:00-22:00 AEDT.
Fee: 550 AUD. Register your interest NOW.

Online Training Program

New Intake for 2023
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Pre-requisite is our Foundation Course.

Biography Gathering - June 2023

World-Wide - Online
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Thursday 15 to Sunday 18 June 2023,
Lectures and small group discussion.
5 hours online on each of these 4 days.

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