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International Online Biography Training Program

Training Modules

Our Online Training Program in Holistic Biography Work consists of a Foundation Course, followed by studies of 12 modules over three years, and the completion of 3 projects providing practical experience.

Overview of our Online Training Program

  • 12 modules are completed – see list. Each links to further information.
  • 3 of these are Core modules – The Helping Conversation; Destiny Learning; and Meeting Conflict. Core  modules have 20 hours of facilitated online sessions after the Learning Pack is completed, 5 hours each day, Thursday to Sunday.
  • 9 are Theme modules – Typologies; Mental Health Challenges; Communication Skills; Life Encounters & Relationships; Mental Health Crisis; Destiny & Karma; Mission & Meaning; Trials & Thresholds; and Process Design. Theme modules have 15 hours of facilitated online sessions after the Learning Pack is completed, 5 hours each day, Friday to Sunday.
  • Each year, Trainees complete 3 Theme modules, 1 Core module and 1 project.
  • Each module starts with a comprehensive Learning Pack, which includes: a Study Guide, Readings, Activities, and video Lectures (with Visuals) from Karl-Heinz Finke.
  • After successful completion of the first year of the Online Training Program,  we award a Certificate in Biographical Studies.
  • After successful completion of the second year, we offer a Certificate in Advanced Biographical Studies.
  • After successful completion of the final year and therefore the whole Training, we award a Diploma in Biographical Consultancy.
  • 3 projects are completed, one each year: Biographical Interview; Biographical Analysis; and Biographical Study. Written assignments are submitted at the end of each year.
  • Additional Training sessions during the year support learning and the project work.
  • There is an annual intake, with the first module (Typologies) commencing in February of each year.
  • Holistic Biography Work has been found helpful within many professions: Health (Medical & Allied practitioners), Education (Teaching & Administration), Business (HR & Management), and Therapy (Psychotherapy, Counselling, Arts Therapy, etc).
  • Our Training follows the guidelines established by the School of Spiritual Science, Goetheanum Switzerland, leading to international accreditation. It is also recognised by the German Professional Association for Biography Work.


  • After the 3-year Online Training Program is successfully completed, graduates are awarded a Diploma in Biographical Consultancy.
  • Please note: Professionals in many fields add Biography Work to their existing tool-box. This Training does not provide certification in Counselling/Psychotherapy; those interested in such a specialisation are encouraged to obtain the necessary qualifications within their local area.
  • Our graduates gain sufficient qualifications, knowledge and resources to run Biography workshops of their own.
  • Graduates are invited to join the network of Biography Work practitioners world-wide.
  • There is a Mentoring Program available for those interested in conducting their own Training Program for Biographical Consultants.
  • Master Classes and Gatherings provide ongoing collegial support and professional development.