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Take Charge – Foundation Course

Take Charge – Reflect on your Life Journey

This course is designed to assist with taking charge of one’s life’s journey. It facilitates deeper understanding of the physical, social and mental developmental stages in one’s life.
This course is the pre-requisite for joining our 3-year Online Training Program.
It is also available as a stand-alone course for personal or professional development – either as Learning Pack only, or with optional online real-time sessions.

Course Aims

  • Understand the archetypal life journey of the human being.
  • Use the framework and resources of Holistic Biography Work to depict the course of a personal life journey.

Course Details

  • 60 hours of self-paced study with our comprehensive Learning PackStudy Guide, recorded video Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke, Readings and Activities. Includes main text – a personalised copy of our Biography Log-book.
  • 20 hours of online sessions – with facilitated small group sharing (optional, except for potential Trainees)
  • Available for personal or professional development as a stand-alone course.

Main Topics

  • History of Biography Work.
  • Incarnation and Excarnation.
  • 3-foldness of the human being.
  • Development of consciousness.
  • 4-foldness of the human being.
  • Using the Life Panorama Chart and Septennial Charts to map life data.
  • Development and learning via support and challenges.
  • Typical challenges in Physical and Soul development years.
  • Typical challenges in Spiritual and Transpersonal years.
  • The Life Panorama Chart as a diagnostic tool.
  • 4-level Observation process.
  • Questions to reflect on personal life data – including Birth signature, Life encounters, Forming decisions, significant events and turning points.
  • Creative activities, mainly drawing, assist in gaining insight into life themes.
  • Creating a River of Life drawing as an overview of a life journey.
  • Considering life mission.
  • Vision for the future.

Course Goals

  • Encourage understanding and analysis of life data within the framework of Holistic Biography Work.
  • Create a personal life overview, using a range of tools and resources.
  • Encourage and support self-reflection and independent learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to use Septennial and Panorama Charts to summarise life incidents and experiences.
  • Understand the 3-fold human being in relation to the human life journey.
  • Understand the 4-fold human being and the development of consciousness.
  • Be able to apply different lenses of analysis to personal life data.
  • Increase observation skills on 4 different levels of observation.

Please Note

  • Our Foundation Course is a pre-requisite for those interested in our Online Training Program.
  • It is recommended for those interested in completing any of our Adult Learning Courses for personal and/or professional development – either as Learning Packs, or as Entire Courses (Learning Packs with online guided sessions).

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This Course offers ‘a guided tour’ for self-reflection on your life story. You take stock by looking at your gifts, challenges and patterns from the past and how they appear in the present. Strengthening and deepening self-knowledge, this offers keys for future change and growth. By exploring how you learn from life you become more effective for life and the challenges you meet.

Participants take this and our other courses for personal and/or professional development. They have proven to be especially beneficial for individuals working in social, therapeutic, educational and organisational settings.

This Course serves as the foundation for any of our other courses as well as our 3-year Online Training Program. This Training provides essential skills, theory and resources for offering Biographical Consultations, or to blend biography work with other social, educational, therapeutic or consultancy professions. Many therapists, teachers, facilitators and consultants find that seeing everyday experiences as part of a whole life-picture has resulted in a deeper understanding of layers and phases in life and has opened new perspectives and approaches in their work.

Furthermore, our Foundation Course is a practical and life-related introduction into Anthroposophy.

Life Story Work contributes to resilience and health by strengthening the individual’s Sense of Coherence (Antonovsky, 1970), resulting from the ability to make sense of life, to interact with and be part of life events and to contribute meaningfully to life situations. You might call it being in tune. From that perspective Biography Work helps to resonate with what is meant to be or to happen.

One of the fundamental parts of our teaching approach is to take each student through an in-depth process of remembering, reflecting and making sense of their own life journey. Taking charge of your own biography is the basic requirement for developing faculties within yourself to accompany others in similar processes of Biography Work in consultancy situations.


Foundation Course – entire course
The above plus 20-hours online sessions for guided group-work.
Next Dates  Online sessions
.                  Thu 25/01/2024 – Sun 28/01/2024
Time           Thu to Sun, 16:00-21:00 (AEDT)
Fee              470 AUD – enrol – download before filling in
Language   English (with other dates in Mandarin)

Learning Pack only
Enrol any time to receive your Learning Pack for self-paced independent study.
Dates          Start at any time
Fee              150 AUD – go to SHOP
Includes      Study Guide, personalised copy of our Biography Log-book, video Lectures and other learning materials.

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