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Online Mentoring Program

Online Mentoring Program

Goal: Provide support to develop courses, workshops or training programs in Biography Work


  • Available for graduates of any recognised Biography Training Program world-wide.
  • Mentoring from experienced Trainer and Adult Educator, Karl-Heinz Finke, assisted by Laura Summerfield.
  • This is a 3-year Mentoring Program that deepens knowledge of Holistic Biography Work, and increases skills in design and delivery of courses and trainings.
  • Available in English and in Mandarin.
  • Includes possible participation as a Group Guide in some of the 12 modules (3 Core and 9 Theme) of our 3-year Online Training Program.
    • Mentees receive the Learning Packs for all these 12 modules, and attend online sessions as agreed.
  • Extra Mentoring Sessions are scheduled to support group facilitation skills.
  • Additional modules in Adult Learning extend knowledge and skill.
  • This Mentoring Program is available to support personal and/or professional development.

Aims of Mentoring Program

  • To support the personal and professional development journey of Mentees over the course of the Mentoring Program.
  • To deepen knowledge of the theory and methodology of Holistic Biography Work, and its application to individual biographies, and to provide opportunities to practise and gain skills in group facilitation.
  • To encourage deeper understanding of the human life journey, as explored within the different modules of our 3-year Online Training Program.
  • To support greater clarity around individual life purpose, life direction and contribution.
  • To increase self-confidence in communication and facilitation.
  • To deepen knowledge of adult learning, and of adult education, as a specific discipline, different from the education of children and young people.

Outcomes of Mentoring Program

  • Completion (sometimes a repeat) of 3 Core modules and any pre-requisite Theme modules from our Online Training Program:
    • The Helping Conversation (with Communication Skills)
    • Destiny Learning (with Destiny and Karma)
    • Meeting Conflict
  • Completion (or repetition) 2 or 3 additional Theme modules per year, including pre-requisites as above, from within the Online Training Program:
    • Year 1 – Typologies; Mental Health Challenges; Communication Skills
    • Year 2 – Life Encounters; Trials and Thresholds; Destiny and Karma
    • Year 3 – Mission and Meaning; Mental Health Crisis; Process Design
  • Completing three additional modules (one each year) in Adult Learning.
    • Guiding Groups: Creating and Holding an Open Space
    • Holistic Adult Education: Awakening the Will to Learn
    • Designing Holistic Integrated Programs: Learning with Head, Heart and Hands
  • Submission of 3 Projects, one each year:
    • Personal Vocational Biography
    • Personal Spiritual Biography
    • Course Design: Design for a series of workshops, or a Training Curriculum
  • Graduates have sufficient training, experience and knowledge to develop and facilitate Biography workshops and Trainings of their own.
  • Mentees and Graduates are encouraged to join professional networks in their region related to Biography Work, and to develop and maintain collegial support networks.

Recognition awarded as part of this Mentoring Program

Awarded after successful completion of Year 1 – Recognition as a Group Guide in Biographical Studies.
Awarded after successful completion of Year 2 – Recognition as a Tutor in Advanced Biographical Studies.
Awarded after successful completion of Year 3 – Recognition as a Trainer in Holistic Biography Work.


Mentoring Program in English
Next Intake: January 2024.
Registration as soon as possible.
Please email us.
Fee: 1250 AUD annually, payable by instalments.

Mentoring Program in Mandarin
First Intake: was August 2022.
Please email us for any late registrations.
Fee: To be advised.
Mail: Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield


We see Mentoring as a relationship between two people (or groups of people), with the goal of professional and personal development in a specific field of work – in this case, Biography Work. The Mentors, have experience in this field, as Consultants and in designing and running Courses and Trainings, and are willing to share this knowledge and experience with the Mentees.
Mentees have some training and experience in the field, and function as adult learners steering their own learning process. They are supported in group and peer-supervision processes to develop their knowledge and skill.

As experienced practitioners, the Mentors aims to be trusted advisers and role models. To support and encourage their Mentees by offering suggestions and knowledge, both general and specific. The goal is to help Mentees improve their skills and move more confidently toward their career goals.

In our Mentoring Program the mentoring partnership is between us and a group of Mentees, who have graduated through Biography Trainings, with a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. We would aim for personal and professional advantages for both parties, but are not able to offer one-to-one coaching as part of the Mentoring Program. If such coaching is wanted or needed, then an additional contract must be agreed upon.