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Join our 4th Online Training Program

Enrol for the Foundation Course: Taking Charge

Start the preparatory Learning Pack at any time.
Complete with online sessions, Thu. 18 to Sun. 21 Jan 2024.
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First 2024 Training Module: Typologies
Online sessions, Fri. 22 to Sun. 24 March 2024.
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Upcoming Online Workshops

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Holistic Adult Education – Awakening the Will to Learn
Online guided group-work sessions: Thu. 18 to Sun. 21 Jan 2024
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Mission and Meaning – Life as a Spiritual Journey
Online guided group-work sessions: Fri. 8 to Sun. 10 March 2024
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Life Encounters and Relationships – Individual and Community
Online guided group-work sessions: Fri. 15 to Sun. 17 March 2024
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New Resource Guides in our Shop

An Anthroposophical Perspective on Mental Health
Dr Martha Koelman
An exploration of many mental health issues from an anthroposophical perspective.
Practical, detailed and informative. Video Lectures and Q&A (11 hours), with 320 associated Visuals.

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2023 Biography Gathering

Core Aspects of Biography Work
3 Lectures, Dr Michaela Gloeckler

Anthroposophical Psychiatry of Body, Soul and Spirit
2 Lectures, Dr. Martha Koelman


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Please note: If you purchase one of our Learning Packs or enrol for one of our workshops for the first time, you receive a free copy of our Biography Log-book. To individualise tables in the log-book, we need your name and date of birth.

Karl-Heinz Finke & Laura Summerfield

To the question, what is the meaning of life,
all answer with their own biographies.
György Konrád