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Complete with online sessions, Thu. 29 Aug to Sun. 1 Sep 2024.
Complete with online sessions, Thu. 23 to Sun. 26 Jan 2025.
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Working through the Foundation Course Learning Pack including the Online Sessions enables you to start the Training with the Typologies Module annually in March. Find all Module Dates here.

Upcoming Online Workshops

Start the preparatory Learning Pack at any time.
Join the related real-time online group-work when it comes up during the year.

Course BGO-32: Mental Health Crisis

Understanding mental health crisis from a holistic, spiritual perspective.
Online guided group-work sessions: Fri. 10 to Sun. 12 May 2024
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Course BGO-22: Trials and Thresholds

Awakening to initiation through life
Online guided group-work sessions: Fri 24 to Sun 26 May 2024
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Course BGO-12: Mental Health Challenges

Recognising common mental health issues.
Online guided group-work sessions: Fri 31 May to Sun 2 June 2024
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Overview on all Modules

New Resource Guides in our Shop

An Anthroposophical Perspective on Mental Health

Dr Martha Koelman

An exploration of many mental health issues from an anthroposophical perspective.
Practical, detailed and informative. Video Lectures and Q&A (11 hours), with 320 associated Visuals.

Online Biography Gathering 2024

Building an International Community

Save the Date: 21 to 23 June 2024

Keynote Speaker: Dr Michaela Gloeckler


Health and Healing in Human Biographies
The Secret of Development
Exploring the Etheric Organisation

Resources from the 2023 Biography Gathering

Core Aspects of Biography Work
3 Lectures, Dr Michaela Gloeckler

Anthroposophical Psychiatry of Body, Soul and Spirit
2 Lectures, Dr. Martha Koelman
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Online Training

Enrolment & Fees

All Learning Packs   90 AUD
Communication Skills Free Learning Pack Sample
Free Lecture Sample About Biography Work

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3-day courses   290 AUD extra | Total 380 AUD
4-day courses   380 AUD extra | Total 470 AUD
Annual fee         1990 AUD
Repeating a Module
150 AUD (3 days) | 190 AUD (4 days)
Enrol   4 to 6 weeks before the group-work session (see Course Dates & Fees)
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If you are looking for more, we offer a 13-module 3-year Training Program.

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