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Comments from Participants on our Online Biography Work Training Program

The training with Karl-Heinz was essential for my life, and it carries me through the work with the people who come to see me for advice.
Karl-Heinz’ knowledge, his warmth and presence, his humbleness and openness, his balance between stimulating and accepting were exemplary for me.
I am happy to know him and to witness his far-sighted activities.
It is wonderful that some of the fruits of Laura’s and Karl-Heinz’ work are available as a book – the Biography Log-book – now.
April 2023
W.G. (Germany)

Reflections on the First year of the Three Year Training
At the start of the course, I was unsure about whether enrolling on the full course rather than choosing to study the available modules alone was the right decision but the flexibility and richness of human interchange in the groupwork has convinced me that I made the right choice!
As a result of interacting with my fellow students and course tutors from literally all around the globe I now look at the world quite differently.
Regardless of the fact that I was very familiar with much of the material in the first year I have the conscious awareness of through our journey together having received something immensely important. I feel we’ve all been given something that is often lacking in adult education: a clear, well-thought, thorough and comprehensive spiritual scientific understanding of fundamentally human characteristics that map onto every life experience.
The knowledge, ability and willingness of all the tutors to answer questions quickly and comprehensively in language that is accessible to all really is unprecedented, and should become a model for all adult education. The friendliness and adaptability of the team running the course also mean that you never feel you can’t ask for clarification or dive deeper into a topic when you need to.
The mechanics of delivering on-line learning can be a challenge, but on this course, everything works as it should; content was delivered effectively and illustrated the major points with the clarity that only years of study and contemplation can offer. Contrary to my expectations, the online version of the groupwork did not hinder interaction, nor impede learning, if anything it enhanced the quality of the work, we were able to do together. The multi-media approach with recorded lectures, written material and then live on-line groupwork, turns out to work incredibly well, giving students a more efficient method of absorbing material and leaving them more opportunity to study as and when they can.
Suffice it to say, this course reminded me of why I wanted to study biography work in the first place and I can’t recommend it highly enough !

8 June 2022
Fiona M (UK)

Studying in Karl-Heinz and Laura’s holistic biographical consultancy training, you not only learn about the unfolding mystery of your own life story, but how you can support other people to unfold their stories. It is a training in understanding humanness and of Anthroposophy as lived experience. The modules in the course are structured in a way that lead the student to evolving profound imaginations in the workings of destiny. To study in the biographical training, is to enter a modern-day mystery school.

In this way the training awakens us to what we planned for ourselves in the spiritual worlds before incarnating. Exploring our own mythology, and the mythology of others, is a profound undertaking for the soul that can assist towards consciously forming a vital bridge between earthly sense-perceptible experiences, and the spiritual worlds – essential work for the modern day person called to transformational work.

17 June 2022
Dr (PhD) Jane G. (NZ)

Only you, hold the key to unlock the mystery of your life. Holistic Biography Work is an empowering journey of self-discovery. It invites you to understand your life story through their comprehensive, well-researched and creatively crafted resource materials, polished over the years through experience. It offers a wide variety of interconnected artistic activities that will develop and sharpen your capacity for heightened awareness of what is essential and non-essential. A deep dive into the past, gives you a better sense of the present, and provides an anchor for your future choices.

April 2021
E.S. (Philippines)