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Our Work

Holistic Biography Work …

  • Provides a systematic and useful framework for understanding life stories and individual biographies.
  • Uses indications for human development and the development of consciousness from Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy, and other spiritual teachers and philosophies.
  • Builds on the research of – Bernard Lievegoed, Gudrun Burkhard, Aaron Antonovsky, Coenraad van Houten and Helmut ten Siethoff.
  • Is informed by the practice and theory of Humanistic Psychology, and the insights provided by various self-development approaches.
  • Uses a holistic approach, recognising the spiritual dimension of the human being and their life journey.
  • Deepens the understanding of human development and the challenges facing humanity.
  • Offers Courses, a Training Program and a Mentoring Program to assist individuals to use the underlying theory, methodology and resources.
Coenraad van Houten – Workshop October 1999 at Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin.
Coenraad van Houten – Workshop October 1999 at Forum Kreuzberg, Berlin.

We Provide …

Online Biography Training Programs in English and in Mandarin

  • A comprehensive global Online Training Program in Holistic Biography Work – 12 modules and 3 projects undertaken over 3 years.
  • Diploma in Biographical Consultancy is awarded to successful Trainees – with a Certificate in Biographical Studies after one year, and a Certificate in Advanced Biographical Studies after two years.
  • Ongoing support is offered for our graduates.

Ongoing support for graduates of Biography Trainings

  • Graduates of Biography Training Programs, who want to offer Courses and Trainings themselves, may apply to join our Mentoring Program.
  • Create and share resources to facilitate Biography Work.
  • Supervision in Biographical Consultancy.
  • Encourage the formation of local professional associations, to support Consultants. A Professional Association for Holistic Biography Work has formed in India that accepts members world-wide.
  • Support and offer online Gatherings in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for Consultants and Trainers, including paid work within our online Courses.

Adult Learning and Professional Development Program

  • All of the modules within our Training Program are available as stand-alone courses for personal and professional development.
    • Available as a Learning Pack only – with Study Guide, video Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke, Readings, and Activities.
    • Available as an Entire Course – Learning Pack plus facilitated online sessions.
  • 3 courses are offered in the Adult Learning principles that underlie our methodology:
    • 2024 – Holistic Adult Education: Awakening the Will to Learn.
    • 2025 – Designing Holistic Integrated Programs: Learning with Head, Heart and Hands.
    • 2026 – Guiding Groups: Creating and Holding an Open Space.

Inner Path – Initiation through Life Program

  • A self-designed program supporting personal and spiritual development.
  • Based on the former residential Anthroposophical Schooling Course, as developed within the Centre for Social Development, UK.
  • Adapted for Online Learning.
  • Could include the following Learning Packs and optional online sessions supporting spiritual awareness and personal development:
    • Awakening the Will to Learn – Awakening Witness and Observer
    • Mission and Meaning – Life as a Spiritual Journey
    • Trials and Thresholds – Awakening to the Initiation through Life
    • Destiny and Karma – Learning holistic concepts of destiny and karma
    • Destiny Learning – Learning from Live
  • Other online support sessions.
  •  Enrolments from January 2024.

Different ways to start reflecting on your life story

Biography Log-book

  • Use our Biography Log-book to reflect on your life story in a systematic and creative way. The Log-book provides resources for work on an individual biography or life story from a holistic perspective.
    Within the Log-book, there are useful questions, engaging activities, interesting pages of information and well-designed Septennial and Panorama Charts.
    Use the Log-book to summarise your own or another person’s life story. Share a life story with family members. Create a legacy item for a family. Reflect on your own life. Use with family members, adult students, clients, patients, etc.
    The Log-book can also be used with small study groups.
  • Find an accredited Biography Consultant, and work through your life story with their help. This is particularly helpful when facing challenges, crises or transition times.

Foundation Course

  • Complete our Foundation Course Learning Pack. This may be followed by optional online sessions that include facilitated small group-work.
  • You will find Foundation Courses offered in different countries by trained Biography Consultants, including graduates of our Training Program. Currently Foundation Courses are offered in India, Thailand, Germany, and Taiwan, as well as Online.
  • Do some some of the Courses on the topics that interest you. If you have completed our Foundation Course, you will have sufficient background to work through one of our Learning Packs. You will also be able to join the optional online sessions for our courses. You will find specific details of each module/Course on this website.

Biography Training Program

  • It is possible to take part in a Mentoring Program after completing a 3-year Training Program and go on to teach your own Courses and Trainings.
Biography Log-Book - English
Foundation Course - Learning Pack