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Biography – Life Phases

  • Dr Michaela Glöckler, Christ in the Etheric in Connection with Biography Work   EN-PDF
  • Karl-Heinz Finke, Freedom in the 3rd Life Age – Biographical Considerations for over 50   EN-PDF
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Destiny – Karma

  • Karl-Heinz Finke, Deja-vu – Seen before – Destiny Learning   EN-PDF
  • Eugen Kolisko, Joan of Arc (1412 – 1431) Inductive Biography   EN-PDF
  • Eugen Kolisko, Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723) Inductive Biography   EN-PDF
  • Eugen Kolisko, Thomas Becket (1118 – 1170) Inductive Biography   EN-PDF
  • Eugen Kolisko, Sir Thomas More (1478 – 1535) Inductive Biography   EN-PDF
  • Eugen Kolisko, Benjamin Franklin (1705 – 1790) Inductive Biography   EN-PDF
  • Eugen Kolisko, Oliver Cromwell (1599 – 1658) Inductive Biography   EN-PDF

Mental Wellbeing & Spiritual Experience

  • Karl-Heinz Finke, Inner and Outer Threshold & Initiation through Life   EN-PDF
  • Laura Summerfield, Reflections on Vincent van Gogh – The Artist and his Frailty   EN-PDF
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Spirituality – Spiritual Development – Inner Path

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Biographical Analysis

Each Year of our 3-year Holistic Biography Training is accompanied by a project, which is presented to a group of colleagues, graduates and fellow students.
The 2nd year project is a Biographical Analysis on the biography of a deceased person chosen by the student. This project is a unique chance to work with a complete biography, as otherwise Biographical Consultants work with aspects or phases of their clients’ biographies.
Here are some examples of biographical analysis from a holistic perspective.

  • Karl-Heinz Finke, Johannes Kepler (1517-1630)   EN-PDF
  • Laura Summerfield, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961)   EN-PDF