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Gain a Global Perspective

Gain a Global Perspective

Every 2 years, colleagues connected to the Biography Work organise and meet in a 5-day Conference, usually somewhere in Europe.

In 2019, the 10th World-wide Biography Conference was held in Hungary, near Budapest in a beautiful village in the Buda hills called Pilisszentlaszlo. The local Waldorf School made us feel very welcome in their space. The program included pre-Conference excursions in Budapest, professional development workshops, an outdoor adventure, plenum sessions, talks and evening entertainment.

Colleagues attended from all over the world. I spoke to people from: UK, Israel, Brazil, Canada, USA, Japan, Israel, Hungary, Australia, India, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, France, Netherlands … and I’m sure more countries were represented!

The Conference therefore provides an interesting picture of what is happening world-wide, and offers ongoing support for those interested in biography work.


A map of Lahti made by Nils Westermark in 1750–52 in Finland – Source: goodfreephotos.com

In 2021, the Conference will be held in Finland. It is planned within a beautiful community near Helsinki, a Camphill Community called Sylvia-koti in Lahti. It promises to be a wonderfully organised event, judging by the introductions and contributions made by the organisers to the Conference in Hungary.

To find out more about the Conference in Finland from 28 June to 4 July 2021 – keep an eye on their website – www.worldwidebiographyconference.com

With the current growth of biography work in Asia, they may soon have to start limiting the number of attendees.