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2020 was an interesting year for us.
After travels from Germany to Taiwan, India, and Thailand, we arrived in Australia to welcome a new grand-child and move into our new ‘base camp’ there.
In the midst of the world-wide pandemic, we have not travelled and have begun working Online instead. We are busy converting all our Courses into online Courses, consisting of: Learning Packs with Study Guide, Readings and Lectures; and for Trainees, online real-time group-work.
We continue this initiative in 2021.


A meeting of Biography Work Trainers

This year, the ITF (International Trainers Forum) met in Pilisszentlaszlo in Hungary. It is the task of the ITF to oversee the training in Biography Work world-wide under the auspices of

Gain a Global Perspective

Every 2 years, colleagues connected to the Biography Work organise and meet in a 5-day Conference, usually somewhere in Europe. In 2019, the 10th World-wide Biography Conference was held in Hungary,


Gather with us in India

If you are interested in biography work, and want to meet with colleagues in India, here is an ideal opportunity. The Association for Holistic Biography Work in India is organising a

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A Spiritual Journey in India

Waking up to dogs howling in the night; an early morning walk up a sacred mountain to meditate while passing monkeys hoping for a banana; the joy of finding a