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Inner Path or Initiation Through Life

A Holistic Approach to Inner or Spiritual Developmental


Inner Schooling is the third formative element of our Holistic Biography Training Program. The first element is of cause Biography Work, and the second Holistic Adult Education. Knowing about the importance of human being know thyself, or self-reflection, we integrated aspects of the Anthroposophical Path of Inner Development in our Biography Training Program. The roots of our approach go back to a 12, later 7-week program at the Center for Social Development named The Schooling Course. We adopted the Schooling Course approach and made our training modules self-reflective, experiential and informative. Lectures, individual reflection, group-work and creative exploration are part of our work.
We have experienced Anthroposophy – Human Wisdom – as a helpful framework to conceptualise, contextualise and exchange spiritual material, experiences and philosophy, and intend to create a platform for sharing experiences, phenomena, reading and thoughts.
The following Modules contain Schooling Course topics. If interested, you can enrol in one more of the topics. You find them also as bundles, on the Bundles Page: B2 – Destiny and Karma and B4 – Life as a Spiritual Journey.
If there is sufficient interest, specific study groups can be formed.

ADL-72: Awakening the Will to Learn – Holistic Adult Learning (4 days)
This course introduces Goethian Observation, self-reflection, the witness quality, life-learning from all what comes to meat me, 7-life processes, and the importance of individualisation. The aim is to realise that life offers a learning curriculum, it is not a problem to be solved, but a developmental path to be lived.

BGO-31: Mission and Meaning – Life as a spiritual journey (3 days)
Amidst all the beauty and challenges of life which we usually record in memoirs, there is a more hidden path of the growth and development of our Individuality. From the spiritual perspective, the outer challenges can be interpreted as a path of Initiation through Life. In Mission and Meaning – Life as a Spiritual Journey, we unravel these less visible aspects of our biography and see how the activity of our “I” has the ability to create meaning out of challenging circumstances.

BGO-22: Trials and Thresholds – Awakening to initiation through life (3 days)
Usually, the Mystic Path comes to mind when one considers a path of spiritual development. An inner path with quiet, contemplative and meditative practices. But there is also an outer path, an Ecstatic Path, where the initiate experiences one-ness with nature and all creation. We explore how super-sensible experiences relate to the inner and outer Threshold, the inward and outward directed senses, and the Mystic and Shamanistic or Ecstatic developmental paths.
The second main topic about Trials. In ancient traditions, meeting challenges was part of an initiation path. Since the 20th century, the spiritual atmosphere and ecology has changed and initiating incidents appear in everyday life. In this course we use the archetypes of Fire, Water and Air Trials to trace such incidents in our life.

Course BGO-23: Destiny and Karma – Learning holistic concepts of Destiny and Karma (3 days)
These course take a practical approach to Destiny and Karma and the first of Rudolf Steiner’s two main Karma Exercises: The 3-Level Karma Exercise. Practical Karma Exercises was a topic Rudolf Steiner wanted to talk about from the start of his lecturing career on esoteric topics in Berlin from 1901 onward. The theme of Reincarnation and Karma comes up several times over the years, until he rounds off with a firework of lectures published as Karmic Relationships – Esoteric Studies in 1924. The 2 main Karma Exercises are published in volume II, lectures 6 (3-Level) and 7 (4-Days). In this course, we explore karmic keys be tracing affinities and oddities in our lives.

Course BGO-30: Destiny Learning – Learning from Life (4 days)
This course and the integrated 4-Day Karma Exercise explores incident karma. We use a magnifying glass on incidents related to unsuccessful patterns in our lives. The group-work follows the 7-Step Destiny Learning process developed by Coenraad van Houten. The day-night-rhythm of the 4-Day Karma Exercise follows a 7-Step Process. And offers a complementary support to our day-learning.

“We long to discover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives, to find our unique way of belonging to this world, to recover the never-before seen treasure we were born to bring to our communities. To carry this treasure to others is half of our spiritual longing.
The other half is to experience our oneness with the universe, with all of creation.”

Bill Plotkin, ‘Soulcraft’

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More Information

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