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Training Module List

Pre-requisite for joining our online International Training Program in Holistic Biography Work

BGO-10: Foundation Course

Take Charge of your life – Apply the resources of Holistic Biography work.

Available online – with a Learning Pack and guided group-work.
Enrol any time to receive your Foundation Course Learning Pack.
The Learning Pack includes: Study Guide, personalised copy of Biography Log-book, video Lectures and preparation for 20 hours online real-time guided group-work in groups of 3 or 4 participants.

Part 1: Biographical Keys

Developing individual awareness

Module BGO-11: Typologies
Understanding Self and others. Explore temperaments, soul types, qualities and rhythms life.

Module BGO-12: Mental Health Challenges
Recognising common mental health issues.
Learning strategies to manage mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress.

Module BGO-13: Communication Skills
Sensing with Four Ears in human communication.
Discriminating 3 elements of verbal communications.

Core Module BGO-20: Helping Conversations
Deep listening and empathy in encounter. Practising 3 levels and 7 qualities in helping conversations.

Part 2: Encounters

Developing social awareness

Module BGO-21: Life encounters and Relationships
Individual and community.
Exploring the impact of people, places and situations.

Module BGO-22: Trials and Thresholds
Awakening to initiation through life.
Reflecting on peak, abyss and transition experiences.

Module BGO-23: Destiny and Karma
Learning holistic concepts of Destiny & Karma.
Differentiating Instrument Karma & Incident Karma.

Module BGO-30: Destiny Learning
Learning from Life.
Identifying karmic keys and destiny events.

Part 3: Guidance & Self-guidance

Developing spiritual awareness

Module BGO-31: Mission and Meaning
Life as a spiritual journey.
Supporting the Self in search for meaning.

Module BGO-32: Mental Health Crisis
Understanding mental health crisis from a holistic, spiritual perspective.

Module BGO-33: Process Design
Learning for Life, learning from life, initiation through life.
Designing effective learning processes.

Core Module BGO-40: Meeting Conflict
Learning to read and transform conflict patterns.
Understanding conflict escalation and de-escalation.

Project 1: Biographical Interview

Project 2: Biographical Analysis

Project 3: Biographical Study