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Guiding Groups – Learning Pack


Holistic Adult Learning. Guiding Groups – Creating and Holding an Open Space.
This Learning Pack consists of a comprehensive Study Guide with background Reading and activities, plus Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning. Approximately 60 hours of self-paced study.

This Learning Pack is part of our Adult Learning module, Guiding Groups. It is specially designed for consultants, educators and facilitators working adults in learning, personal development and therapeutic professions.

Our Adult Learning modules draw on the rich experience of the Centre for Social Development, the NPI (Netherlands Pedagogical Institute), and Coenraad van Houten. They explore the underlying theory and methodology of adult learning and developmental processes. Adults learn differently from children and young people; therefore the education of adults must be designed differently.

This module starts with exploring the core skills and practices of adult learning, and its core principles.

Then there is specific content related to guiding groups. This includes: encounter and essential elements of communication; different styles of facilitation, an exploration of group dynamics; recognition of communication of Thinking/Feeling/Will aspects; enabling a helping conversation; holding an open space for sharing; supporting a group-work process; designing and assessing group-work processes.

Work through the Study Guide and Lectures within this Learning Pack, and you will deepen your understanding of adult learning, and how to guide groups for personal and professional learning.

The Study Guide will also prepare you for our online sessions, or for work within a dedicated Study group.