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Life Encounters – Learning Pack


Life Encounters and Relationships – Individual and Community. Exploring the impact of people, places and situations.
This Learning Pack consists of a comprehensive Study Guide with Reading and activities, plus Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning. Approximately 40 hours of self-paced study.

In this Learning Pack, we support you to look at your individual biography or life story through the lens of significant encounters – family experiences, friendship in childhood and adolescence, intimate relationships, work relationships.

Learn about the developmental stages in a relationship. Examine concepts of masculinity and femininity, anima and animus, and the limitations of these polarities. Learn about the spiritual dimension of polarity and gender as as a developmental challenge.

Work through the Study Guide and Lectures within this Learning Pack, and you will deepen your understanding of how your individuality in this life has been affected by your encounters and relationships.

The Study Guide will also prepare you for small group sharing, whether that is as part of our online sessions, or within a Study group.