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Resource Guide – Overcoming Nervousness – Free Activity Pack


Resource Guide – Overcoming Nervousness

Here is a FREE copy of our Resource Guide for Steiner’s exercises on Overcoming Nervousness.
It forms part of our Mental Health Challenges course.

This Resource Guide was created as part of our course, Mental Health Challenges. It contains Rudolf Steiner’s lecture on Overcoming Nervousness, which includes 10 Exercises aiming to strengthen the mastery of the ‘I’ on the Astral, Etheric and Physical Bodies.
Here are the exercises, starting with the Physical Body and moving up to the ‘I’.

1. Exercise to balance being fidgety.  |  2. Exercise to balance forgetfulness.  |  3. Exercise to balance non-attention.  |  4. Exercise to balance formlessness.  |  5. Exercise to change (undesirable) habits.  |  6. Exercise flexibility regarding habits.  |  7. Exercise to balance the lack of Will.  |  8. Exercise to balance indecisiveness.  |  9. Exercise to become more objective by withholding critic.  |  10. Exercise to balance arrogance by withholding judgements.