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Meeting Conflict – Learning Pack


Meeting Conflict: Learning to read & transform conflict patterns. Understanding conflict escalation and de-escalation.
This Learning Pack consists of a Study Guide with background reading and activities, and Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning. Approximately 40 hours of self-paced study.
It is highly recommended for those who have already completed study related to karma and destiny. The Learning Packs related to the Modules Destiny and Karma, and Destiny Learning, provide valuable background information.

With this Learning Pack, we explore the potential for self-development in our challenging encounters with other people. Typical incidents from personal experience will be explored to find individual patterns and personal styles of action and reaction in conflict situations. Some of this work builds on the process learnt within the Destiny Learning process.

We explore constructive and destructive forces influencing conflict situations, and the dynamics and escalation of conflicts. Friedrich Glasl pioneered research into the sub-hierarchies or the spiritual forces which resist/counter-balance the evolutionary hierarchies. In this context, we aim to better understand adversarial forces and evil, and how they can influence humanity.

The 7-step learning and transformative process that is part of the Destiny Learning work, is deepened and applied. The starting point is individual conflict situations. You have the opportunity to reflect on small conflicts, which provides learning material during this course.
Fundamental ideas for this course are derived from Friedrich Glasl’s book Confronting Conflict, Rudolf Steiner’s indications regarding Spiritual and Subterranean Hierarchies, and Carl Gustav Jung’s work on the Shadow.

The Study Guide includes preparation for small group work, that can be undertaken as part of our online sessions, or within a Study group for personal or professional development.