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Mission and Meaning – Learning Pack


Mission and Meaning – Life as a Spiritual Journey. Supporting the Self in search for meaning.
This Learning Pack consists of a comprehensive Study Guide with Reading and activities, plus Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning. Approximately 40 hours of self-paced study.

In this Learning Pack, we support you to look at your individual biography or life story. You will explore your inner journey, your individual search for meaning or what may be called your spiritual journey through life. You will awaken to your associated vocational journey, the outer journey. Reflect on your unique life mission, discover pivotal moments, and acknowledge the spiritual gems (such as meaningful texts and practices) that have helpful or inspirational along the way.

Our ‘I’ is of central importance in this self-reflective process. Become more aware of how this Spiritual part of us keeps the forces within us and outside us in dynamic balance, and helps us to remain on track with our pre-birth intentions.

Work through the Study Guide and Lectures within this Learning Pack, and you will deepen the picture of the cosmic and earthly realities that impact on our individuality.

The Study Guide will also prepare you for small group sharing, whether that is as part of our online sessions, or within a Study group.