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Process Design – Learning Pack


Process Design – Three ways of learning: Learning for life, learning from life, initiation through life. Designing effective learning processes.
This Learning Pack consists of a comprehensive Study Guide with background Reading and activities, plus Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning. Approximately 40 hours of self-paced study.

In this Learning Pack, you will learn what makes group processes effective. You will understand the 7-step learning process based on Coenraad van Houten’s work, and learn tools to design effective learning processes. You will learn about the 3 ways of learning, the 3 levels of relating between educator and learner, and the 4-levels of teaching and learning. You will also learn to work with the archetypes behind good processes or exercises for learning.

Work through the Study Guide and Lectures within this Learning Pack, and you will deepen your understanding of learning, and how to design processes to support learning for others.

The Study Guide will also prepare you for small group sharing, whether that is as part of our online sessions, or within a Study group.