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Trials & Thresholds – Learning Pack


Trials & Thresholds: Awakening to Initiation through Life. Reflecting on Peak, Abyss & Transition experiences.
This Learning Pack consists of a Study Guide with background Reading and activities. There are Lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke to support learning.
Approximately 40 hours of self-paced study.

With this Learning Pack, we look at the trials that we experience in life, as part of an initiation process through life.
Specifically, we explore fire, water and air trials as they occur as incidents and experiences within our biography, and how they may be spiritual experiences and part of our initiation process.

We consider the nature of the inner and outer thresholds that lead to our crossing over into the spiritual world, and how these thresholds may be crossed safely. We consider what happens and what to do when a threshold crossing leads to a spiritual crisis. We encourage the spiritual practices that may once have been undertaken within Mystery Centres, and may now be practised safely within daily life, according to Steiner’s indications.
Within Humanity’s current stage of development, it is becoming more common for individuals to cross these thresholds between the physical and spiritual world.

When an individual is unprepared, this can be a confronting and challenging experience. How can we become better prepared for these crossings? Our focus is on the ‘I’ and how this spiritual part of us is able to observe and integrate the experiences that we have, and is able to use these experiences as part of an ‘awakening’ to a deeper reality.

Work through this Learning Pack, and you will increase your learning and awareness of the trials you experience and have experienced in life, and the nature of the threshold experiences you have encountered or may encounter. You will also have the opportunity to prepare for small group sharing of your life experiences in relation to this theme, either within our online sessions, or within a Study group.