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Biography Log-book with Companion Guide-book


The Biography Log-book is available with a Companion Guide-book. This guides you systematically through the Log-book as you work on your life story, and includes 4 recorded lectures on 7 different topics related to Holistic Biography Work.
Available for 45 AUD, approx 27 EUR.

The Biography Log-book is personalised and interactive.

The Companion Guide-book guides you through the Log-book and other suggested activities.  4 recorded Lectures are provided that take you through an introduction to Holistic Biography Work across 7 different topics.

The lectures from Karl-Heinz Finke are taken from those within our Foundation Course:

1.1 – History of Biography Work and Holistic Biography Work. Incarnation – Excarnation.

1.2 – 3-foldness:  Body – Soul – Spirit. Also: NSS (Nerve-sense system) – RHS (Rhythmical system)– MLS (Metabolic Limb system)

2 – Development of consciousness. 4-foldness – Physical, Etheric, Astral, ‘I’ – Body-Soul-Spirit-Transpersonal – 4 Seasons. The Life Panorama Chart.

3.1 – Development and learning via support and challenges. Learning outside of one’s comfort zone.

3.2 – Typical challenges in Physical and Soul development years.

4.1 – Typical challenges in Spiritual and Transpersonal years.

4.2 – The Panorama Chart as a diagnostic tool.