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Part 2: Encounter

Part 2: Encounter

Developing social awareness

Part 1 of the Training explores individual life journeys, our individual ‘instrument’ in this life, and starts the process of being able to assist others.

Part 2 looks more closely at our encounters and relationships with others, the possible crises that we may encounter and how to manage them, and aspects of our Double. We start to explore the role that karma and destiny play in our everyday life.

Our main aims for Part 2 are –

  • Understanding the dynamics of social interaction.
  • Understanding the function of our ‘Double’.
  • Deepening the understanding of ways to assist others.
  • Understanding the spiritual aspect of human frailty.
  • Discriminating between mental health crisis and spiritual emergency.
  • Exploring the social and the transpersonal realm.
  • Understanding the role of destiny and karma in everyday life.
  • Exploring the Destiny Learning process.
  • The importance of giving and receiving non-judgmental feedback.
  • Increased skills in biographical analysis of life data.